Coach Rory Van Vliet


Assistant BJJ Instructor | BJJ Black Belt

Rory is a lifelong martial artist and has been training at Island Top Team since we opened our doors in 2012. In late 2019 he became the second black belt under Rob to have his own instructional with Grapplearts. The Guard Retention Formula, which builds on Rory’s experience helping Rob design The Modern Leglock Formula and assisting with countless seminars, puts him in the top tier of black belts who are skilled enough at teaching to warrant an instructional series from a major online BJJ resource. Rory has also traveled to train with Caio Terra at our affiliation headquarters in San Jose and was invaluable in the process of teaching BJJ legend Bill Cooper our leg lock system with Rob in Santa Barbara. Rory has developed a reputation as an excellent concept based instructor, is often invited to teach at some of the top academies in Vancouver during his visits to the mainland, and was flown to China to teach at Nanjing BJJ for two weeks. Rory’s martial arts victories include:
2016 Revolution nogi intermediate gold medalist
2016 BC Provincial Championships bronze medalist