About the Academy

Island Top Team is the only Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Nanaimo to feature:

  • World Class Black Belt Instruction
  • Merit Based Promotion
  • Affiliation with Caio Terra, 12 Time World Champion
  • Men’s & Women’s Private Change Rooms
  • Men’s & Women’s Private Showers w/ Towels
  • 1200 sq ft of Mat Space
  • Suspended Floor for Safety
  • Air Conditioning
  • Access to Modo Yoga
  • Access to Island Optimal Performance Centre
  • The Best Cardio Machines: Versa Climber, Airdyne Assault Air Bike, and Rowing Machine
  • Strength and Conditioning Area
  • Inversion Table for Recovery and Spinal Health

Our instructors are passionate about legit BJJ, not as a business venture, but as a way to improve your life. All our instructors are high level BJJ athletes who love to teach and share the art. They are all constantly improving, and will eagerly train with anyone who visits. Your safety and growth as a person and Martial Artist is their number one priority!