To arrange a martial arts seminar with Professor Rob Biernacki please call him at 250-739-1602 or send an email.

Professor Rob Biernacki has taught dozens of martial arts seminars across North America, often in support of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu related charities. Almost every club that has hosted him has done so repeatedly, and a few of his seminars have seen high ranking BJJ practitioners travel thousands of miles to attend. When you host Rob at your martial arts club you will experience a unique level of professional, carefully planned, revolutionary instruction, combined with refreshing honesty, humor and generosity.

Rob can cover numerous positions in great detail, but whatever topic you choose, the seminar will include core concepts that will change your game regardless of the specific techniques addressed. Though seminars are typically scheduled for 3 hours, Rob always answers every question during the Q&A, which has occasionally resulted in him staying for an hour or two after to work with a couple of students. Attendees have used many superlatives to describe the material presented in an Island Top Team seminar, but the most frequently used phrase is “Mind blowing!”.

An additional benefit of hosting Rob is that he is happy to have the seminar recorded for your reference and often posts his seminars on the Island Top Team YouTube channel so that any participants wishing to refer back to the material have a resource to do so.