Marcus Kumala

Jiu-Jitsu doctor

Professor Rob would absolutely hate for someone to call him a sensei, master, or dare I say, guru, but perhaps he will accept the title of Jiu-Jitsu doctor… Just not the Japanese kind. I’ve trained at some of the top schools in Ontario and without question the level of instruction at Island Top Team is heads and shoulders (and countless IQ points) above anything I’ve encountered. Rob was immediately able to identify the areas in my game i needed to refine and actually offered solutions and strategic adjustments, which is sadly rare in my experience. As a professional educator, I am able to see a clear pedagogy being followed and Rob has taken instruction to an unrivalled level of professionalism. This is likewise reflected in his talented students who are able to both utilize principles and offer insights that transcend their years of experience. As someone who has trained mostly in the gi, I now have a far greater appreciation for just how much more technical no gi grappling can be compared to its grip masking cousin, especially once viewed and practiced through the modules taught by Rob. Island Top Team definitely helps one build a much more balanced “universal” grappling system, which also happens to be on the cutting edge of techniques and training. Rob’s hospitality was incredible. He is an honest, humorous, and hardworking instructor, and I am happy to have discovered this hidden gem before it no doubt becomes the gold standard for jiu-jitsu instruction and a mecca for grappling enthusiasts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Island Top Team and Professor Rob Biernacki.